Clos de l'Ark – Ange

Clos de l'Ark - Ange

You will know that you arrived at destination when seeing the 12th century keep, a vestige of the " Fortified Villages" area, dominating the Allier valley.

Upon arrival, you will be charmed by the beauty and harmony of the buildings in "Arkose" stone, and the warm atmosphere created by this local blond stone, unexploited until 1935.

Montpeyroux local population is proud and happy to live in one of the "The Most Beautiful Villages of France", keeping in mind that a century ago, their village was mostly abandoned and falling into ruin.

This "winemaker village" has experienced an extraordinary rebirth in recent decades while maintaining its soul and uniqueness, preserving a remarkable heritage and perpetuating its wine-growing tradition.

When reaching the heart of the village through the climb of the Quye, you will discover the small museum of the "Arkose stone". This stone has been used for over 800 years for construction and the making of everyday objects (troughs, millstones, crucifix...).


The extractions quarries are visible all around the village where the Arkose stone is flush with the ground. The most significant site is located at the entrance to the village, with its extraction crane and working site.

The streets of this lovely village are scattered with shops, including “gourmet break” coffee shops and restaurants as well as artisanal and creative stores.

Outdoor lovers will enjoy a wide range of activities, such as hiking on marked trails through Montpeyroux.

A playground offers many fun facilities (free tennis court, table tennis, basketball, football and the not be missed pétanque).

The little ones will enjoy visiting the petting farm with its workshops and playground.

The dungeon, remnant of the 12th century castle, declared historical monument in 1957, offers an exceptional panoramic view.

The 14th century fortified gate, listed in 1951 as a historical monument, a remnant of the ramparts, gives access to the central square.

Services and activities avalaible.

Restaurants <br> Pauses gourmandes
Gourmet restaurants
Boutiques d'Artisanat d'Art
Art and Crafts shops
Aires de sport avec court de tennis
Sports areas with tennis court
Ferme pédagogique et jeux pour les petits
Petting farm and games for little ones
Baignade et pêche dans l'Allier
Swimming and fishing in the Allier

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